Vitcas fireproof boards

The Vitcas ( company offers a whole variety of fireproof and heat resistant materials for both home and industry application. For example, vermiculite boards represent particular fireproof capabilities combined with the fact that they’re very easy to manage.
Vitcas is a world-leading company that specialises in offering heat resistant, fireproof and refractory materials.

The application scope is very wide…

The application scope is very wide and it includes both home and industry use. The company has made its name by using only the best quality materials which allow for keeping fire and heat under full control. The range of Vitcas fireproof solutions involves, for example, high temperature insulation materials. In particular, we recommend vermiculite fireproof boards ( At this point it should be mentioned that vermiculite is a silicate which occurs naturally as a result of expansion process sometimes referred to as exfoliation.

Finally, the materials that results…

Finally, the materials that results from the process is used in bulk for or it can be shaped into boards by the press forming procedure. The interesting thing about Vitcas vermiculite boards is the fact that they’re very easy to manage in that they can be drilled through, sawn or sanded just like a piece of wood. Examples of application include night storage heaters, hearths, boilers or fireplaces and stoves.

vermiculite board