Vitcas fire-protective materials

The line of Vitcas fire-protective materials involves a number of products designed to ensure maximum safety when dealing with fire. What’s more, the fire resistant vermiculite boards also offer a very nice design to match that of your living room.
The Vitcas company has been in the fire protective materials business for decades.

Over all those years, the company…

Over all those years, the company has become a household name with a line of fire-protective materials. The company’s range includes all sorts of products designed to deal with fire and heat-related issues as good as the current technology allows for. At this point, though, we would like to recommend the Vitcas fire resistant vermiculite boards which appear to combine both functionality with aesthetics. The interesting thing about these boards is the fact that vermiculite is a silicate that occurs naturally.

fire resistant board


The entire technological process involves only…

The entire technological process involves only applying some heat to the silicate and that causes the thing to expand. After this process, a piece of vermiculite is ready to use. Of course, depending on current needs and requirements, it is possible to process the materials into sheets and boards. What’s more, the material can be dealt with using tools designed for wood processing which keeps the cost of technology even lower.