Some info on vermiculite boards

Sometimes we need to buy fireproof or fire resistant boards, so we look for a reliable source of such materials – there are many manufacturers, actually, but among them there are also better and worse ones. One of the best manufacturers of various heat resistant products and materials used for high temperature insulation is Vitcas, manufacturer from the United Kingdom.

vermiculite board


Vitcas offer includes really wide range of…

Vitcas offer includes really wide range of materials and products, including of course also vermiculite boards.
Basically speaking vermiculite board consists of two elements: the board itself and vermiculite, which has several very interesting properties – it is also worth to note that vermiculite is a naturally occurring layer of aluminiun and magnesium silicate and its most important feature is the fact that it expands if exposed to heat.

After exposing vermiculite to heat for a precisely set amount of time the resulting material is often used to cover boards with fireproof or fire resistant surface in the press forming process. Vermiculite board is a result of this process – these boards are very easy to work with( simple wood working tools are enough )ahile simultanbeously they are significantly stronger than typical ceramic fibre boards.