Safety of a home fireplace

In order to ensure absolute safety of a home fireplace, a number of safety precautions must be observed. First of all, it is of vital importance that fire resistant boards are used in order to ( keep the heat under control and exactly where it needs to be.
Using a fireplace or a furnace in home conditions requires a substantial protection against the effects of excessive heat and fire.

Even though many people don’t even…

Even though many people don’t even realise it, temperatures get very high very quickly inside a fireplace. Of course, in order to get maximum protection, a fireplace has to be made using refractory materials on the inside. Apparently, using fireproof bricks and refractory cement guarantees excellent levels of safety but it may not be enough. A good design also features heat insulation on the outside of the fireplace in the form of fire resistant boards. In particular, we recommend the Vitcas vermiculite fire resistant boards. At this stage it should be mentioned that vermiculite is a naturally occurring aluminium-magnesium silicate which doesn’t really requite all that much processing in order to be used.

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fire resistant board


All it needs is some heat which causes the natural silicate to expand and that’s how a piece of vermiculite is born. Of course, it may be used in its bulk form but it can be furthermore processed into boards.