How to use a heat resistant plaster?

If you need to plaster your apartment, you will most likely hire a professional plasterer, who will do that job for you( of course for a payment ), but it definitely won’ t hurt if you get some knowledge about plastering – this way you will be able to control the works much better, not to mention the situation, where you will become a plasterer yourself if there’ s such a necessity.
Here you will find some info on using a heat resistant plaster, but in truth the differences in methods of applying between this type of plaster and usually used gypsum plaster are practically non-existent.

heat resistant plaster – gallery

A heat resistant plaster should be used on these walls, where gypsum one will not stay due to the temperature being too high – if you have walls which have more than 50 degrees centigrade, you should apply a heat resistant plaster there. Additionally, if you have a fireplace in your house, the whole area around the fire opening in a diameter of about 3 meters should also be covered with a heat resistant plaster. You should keep in mind that this type of plaster should not be applied in layers thicker than 6 milimeters and it should be left on the wall for at least 72 hours to harden enough before you will expose the plaster to heat.